food and beverage trade shows

The best European food and beverage trade shows and events

Every year, companies of the food industry work to define and plan their strategy in relation to their presence in food & beverage trade shows. Despite the fact that trade shows were deeply affected in 2020 by the Covid-19 pandemic, this sector is expected to recover in 2022 and everything points to them being, once…

food traceability

The importance of knowing your supplier’s food traceability process

Food traceability is a key component of food safety, a process that enables processors and manufacturers painstakingly track and trace each product and ingredient from their origin to their final application. Controlling the supply chain traceability is crucial both during daily operations and during crisis management situations or product recalls. What are the risks of…


The use of walnuts in new product formulations

Walnuts are taking a leading role in the food industry – especially in the field of new product developments. The versatility of this nut makes it ideal to be part of a myriad of novel foods. In this article you will find information about the benefits of this ingredient and we will delve deeper into…

Snacking trends

Snacking trends: how nuts are revolutionising this industry

The evolution of lifestyles, cultural changes and a higher sophistication and awareness among consumers in relation to their diet have had a deep impact in the way we eat. In Europe, many consumers are choosing to snack on something throughout the day, which implies a great opportunity for manufacturers. In this article we will go…

chocolate tasting experience

Improving chocolate tasting experience with almonds

According to a global study conducted by Innova Market Insights, 42% of consumers choose almonds as their favorite ingredient in chocolate products1. Chocolate consumers’ preference for almonds is not new, but it is true that new food trends are favoring their inclusion in more products such as bars and snacks. They are also a key…

peanut butter trends

Peanut and peanut butter trends

Raw and processed peanut, as well as peanut butter, are ingredients that are becoming increasingly common across different segments of the food industry. This growth is driven by changes in the consumption patterns of consumers, who compel manufacturers to update their offer with plant-based ingredients that are more respectful of the environment and provide new…

almond paste

Tailor-made almond paste solutions for the food industry

The food industry has evolved during the latest years toward the use of natural, high quality ingredients specifically designed to offer a unique flavour and texture to the products. In processes for the manufacturing of ice cream, cakes, chocolates and specialties such as cereals and cookies, it is increasingly common to add innovative solutions such…

bakery industry trends

Bakery industry trends: new fillings and toppings with nuts

The bakery and pastry industry is experiencing a moment of significant innovation in the search for the perfect balance between offering healthy and indulgence products. Changes in lifestyle during the last few years have encouraged a series of trends that are leading manufacturers to introduce new, more natural ingredients. Here, the key to success is…


Nut butters in the Food Industry

What are nut butters? Over the past few years, the popularity of nut and seed-based butters has increased considerably. A few years ago, peanut butter was the most widely consumed nut spread used as an alternative to dairy butter, but the development of technology and consumer awareness of the nutritional properties of nuts and seeds…

processed peanuts

Get to know all the options for processed peanuts

Peanut can be used in many forms as an ingredient in the food industry. At Itac Professional we are expert peanut producers, and our products for this sector include processed peanuts in different forms, which is perfect for industries such as snacks, ice creams, baked goods, breakfasts or chocolate. In this article we tell you…

Semillas en la cocina

Uses and applications for seeds in your recipes

Using seeds allows us to add texture, consistency and colour to our recipes, making them more attractive and tasty. And, as they’re 100% vegetable-based, we can use the seeds for vegan and vegetarian dishes, in powder or hydrated form. On our blog, we’ve already shared an article about how you can use seeds in your…

snack saludable frutos secos

Healthy snacks: The new main player in vending machines

A snack can be defined as something we consume between meals or as an appetizer at meetings, with a cocktail, or at parties. Many of these snacks are sold in vending machines located in shopping centres, train stations, airports, gyms, hospitals, schools, or universities. This new way of consuming snacks and nuts (among other things)…

Cocktail frutos secos

Discover our dried fruit and nut cocktail range

Seasonings, batter and breaded coatings, crocants and desserts… Itac Professional dried fruit and nut cocktails have so many commercial culinary uses, apart from being a great snack, and they’ll help you give your dishes a really distinct flavour. Would you like to know what their secret is? It’s simply the great variety of tastes and…

Nut pastes

Discover the possibilities of nut pastes

The nutritional and sensory properties of nuts make them a fundamental part of the food industry. From the most traditional cuisine to the most innovative lifestyles, these foods can form an important part of any recipe repertoire. Now you can multiply their possibilities and potential applications by using them in paste form: discover the possibilities…



A healthy diet will include a good number of plant-based foods. As well as dishes with  vegetables, fruits, leaves, or roots, we can include an element with enormous potential: seeds. But how can seeds enhance your recipes? We’re about to tell you! With all their amazing properties, it means that we can always turn to…


Importaco to attend the 2019 PLMA Trade Show in Amsterdam

For more than thirty years the PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association) Trade Show in Amsterdam has brought together retailers and manufacturers not only to showcase the latest developments in the food sector, but also to help generate synergies between its different players. This is how new ideas are born that help distributors and manufacturers in…

tractor en el campo

From tree to factory: almond harvesting

Once the almonds are harvested and the cold weather sets in, the almond trees must start their winter rest, shedding their leaves and entering the vegetative stage until they start flowering, where the vegetative activity restarts once the warmer temperatures arrive.