Chocolate dragées are a temptation hard to resist for any and all chocolate lovers. The use of top quality chocolate and nuts makes them a product that cannot be missing in hospitality and catering to satisfy the palates of the most sophisticated clients.



Introduction to chocolate

Chocolate is made from cocoa, the fruit of a tropical tree whose scientific name is Theobroma cacao. Its meaning in Greek already gives us an idea of the delicacy we are talking about: the «food of the gods.»


There are several varieties of cocoa. Knowing the most common ones allows us to understand the nuances they add to the chocolate we eat:



The main cocoa-growing countries in the world are, in this order, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Cameroon, Ecuador and Malaysia. Thanks to them, today we have the raw materials that allow us to enjoy delicacies such as chocolate dragées.


The fermentation process of the cocoa extracted from the cocoa beans takes 3 to 7 days and causes the pulp of the seeds to disintegrate, resulting in a light brown substance with the precursor flavours of chocolate. Subsequently, its aroma becomes concentrated during the final drying.



Chocolate consumption tradition and latest trends

The tradition of chocolate as a sweet snack or as an ingredient in desserts and ice cream has been largely superseded in recent times by the best gastronomic


On the one hand, the mixture of chocolate with salty ingredients and very diverse textures gives rise to explosive combinations on the palate worthy of gourmet dishes. Thus, this ingredient has broken barriers in the kitchen to create trends in the form, above all, of snacks in which chocolate is combined with nuts and dried fruit.


On the other hand, specialists also treat this product in a very different way from what was done a few years ago. Traditional toppings and fillings have become the protagonists of dishes in which they are applied in very diverse and innovative ways –such as chocolate sprinkles– to create true works of art. Chocolate, vanilla and almond rocks, cakes or plum and liquorice ganache bread with chocolate coating are some examples of where today’s confectionery is heading.



Chocolate dragées with nut and dried fruit kernels

Chocolate dragées are one of the favourite options for hotel and catering business managers due to their variety of flavours and fillings to surprise their customers. Indeed, they are the perfect culmination of a meal or the perfect gift for the most special moments, which the most demanding palates will certainly appreciate.



Chocolate products with nut or dried fruit kernels in our Itac Professional product range are produced using artisan methods and following a recipe that is more than 25 years old. Their top quality ingredients are one of their great qualities, and allow us to offer products with the best flavour and aroma.


They are also characterised by the temperature control that we apply in their production process, and which makes it possible for the chocolate to adhere to the kernel perfectly.



The simplicity of their ingredients makes chocolate dragées the perfect element to top off a dessert or sweet recipe in the most traditional way. Their flavour and texture provide the touch of elegance that is expected from a dish for lovers of the most classic gastronomy.


However, we must not forget that these chocolate dragées often go beyond the flavours we all expect, and include such exotic and special nuances as white hazelnut bonbons truffled with cinnamon to create combinations that are very appealing because of their novelty in our gastronomic tradition.



At Itac Professional, we know that chocolate dragées with nuts or other fillings are a real temptation for customers of restaurants and food establishments. Therefore, as suppliers of ingredients for the hospitality industry, we work to provide a wide catalogue of this type of products.


Our wide variety of toppings and textures mean that these dragées can be
consumed alone or as part of the most sophisticated gastronomic preparations. Examining our chocolate product ranges lets our cat out of the bag:


1. Bonbons with a nut kernel, including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts and sunflower seeds. With white, Swiss and Belgian chocolate on top, they are irresistible for those with a sweet tooth. In any case, our toppings also include more original proposals, such as the truffled hazelnut bonbon with chocolate and cinnamon .

2. Chocolate dragées with a dried fruits kernel (orange, raisins and banana) and covered with Swiss or Belgian chocolate.

3. Cereal chocoballs covered in white or Swiss chocolate.

4. Gummies dipped in Swiss chocolate. A sweet piece of fruit covered in milk chocolate.


It is impossible to choose just one of these products for Food Service or hospitality establishments! Their flavours and aromas are designed so that final consumers enjoy a unique experience.


Chocolate dragées are, in fact, one of the most popular sweets among those who are used to consuming their food on the go, and are looking for something more than a traditional sweet to complete their diet. Their mix of textures and flavours of the ingredients, which should always be of the best quality, is the key to their success.


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