The food industry is constantly evolving towards new technologies that aid in the development of products that are more sustainable, more attractive and healthier to consumers. In this new project of the creativity and inspiration hub for professionals by Itac Professional, Importaco’s B2B brand, we highlight manufacturers who are revolutionising the way in which nut products have traditionally been formulated.


Innovation in the development of nut products

Nuts are an increasingly common ingredient in the development of products for the food industry. Their great versatility, nutritional properties and their ability to enhance flavour and improve the sensory appeal of products make them an increasingly popular ingredient.


Many manufacturers who develop products with nuts —such as snacks, pastries or confectionery— not only give this ingredient a greater role in their product ranges, but also work with new technologies that allow them to introduce this ingredient in a more transparent and natural way, reducing the use of additives such as colourings, preservatives or binding sugars.


Trends that are driving innovation include:


1. Naturalness

Naturalness. A concept that consumers relate to the origin of the food, the final properties of the product or the way in which the food is produced or processed.


2. The «no added sugars» label 

The «no added sugars» label. The challenge here is that the greater the sugar replacement, the more difficult it is for food formulators to achieve the taste, texture, colour or stability that consumers demand.


Nut bars


3. Convenience

Convenience. A concept that consumers relate to ease of use, nutritional value and functionality, and which, in turn, sparks a strong competition for innovation and added value among manufacturers.


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4. Personalisation

Food companies have become aware of the growing demand for personalised products and are looking to incorporate advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data analysis, to improve their new product development.


As is the case in other industries, personalisation in the food sector can also generate a competitive advantage, and innovation in this field is currently focused on two areas:


  • Adaptation to sensory preferences: Differences in sensory perception and consumer preferences offer a world of opportunities for personalisation.
  • Personalised nutrition: Consumers are looking for and want to make changes in their lifestyles and, to do so, they seek personalised products.


According to the Innova Market Survey, 64% of global consumers demand products that are nutritionally personalised and tailored to their lifestyles. And, according to Mintel, by 2030, consumers will know their biological needs thanks to advances in analytics and data technology.


Given this context, food personalisation can be addressed along the entire food value chain, from the choice, combination and processing of raw materials to the presentation and consumption of the final product.



Examples of technological innovation in the formulation of products incorporating nuts



Success Story  – New nut bars without binder syrups

Nut Bars



This project by Israeli start-up Torr FoodTech has succeeded in developing a bar with nuts and other plant-based ingredients using an innovative technology to fuse the ingredients: compression and ultrasonic waves. Know more.






Success Story  – Personalised muesli: 566 quadrillion combinations of nuts, cereals and dried fruits


Personalized muesli



The second success story of this project is linked to the German company Mymuesli, which thanks to its automation technology, it is now possible to design a perfect and fully customized muesli. To do this, it is enough to choose from a wide variety of organic ingredients: cereals, nuts, seeds, fruits and some other extras up to a maximum of 566 quadrillion combinations from 80 ingredients. Know more. 





Success Story  – Pizza for everyone: New pizza for special diets with almond dough

Pizza Cappello's




Allow us to introduce a third success story featuring Cappello’s, a brand famous for creating the world’s first almond flour pizzas and pastas. We will tell you how nuts are the key to their «Low Carb Style» Pepperoni Pizza thanks to their innovations in taste and nutrition that took the frozen pizza sector by storm. Know more.









We will soon be adding more success stories to this series that is aimed at professionals in the food industry. Do you have a new project involving nuts? Do you need advice on a specific nut or nut derivative? Contact our team.


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