One of the most significant added values of a food provider is its high level of specialisation. Specialisation leads to a greater knowledge of the product at every level, and that knowledge fosters a better customer service. Moreover, this specialisation fosters a total control over the product’s traceability – a requirement that is essential in guaranteeing its quality.


The departments in charge of developing new products in the food industry know how important it is to count with the best ingredients when manufacturing their creations. For this reason, purchasing staff from food manufacturers are increasingly on the lookout for suppliers who are specialised in their various ingredient offerings. In this regard, a supplier such as Itac Professional, which is highly specialised in nuts such as almonds and peanuts, is a great asset to guarantee the best raw material and the best supply and service in kitchens and in the production processes of the industry.



Specialisation in crops: the secret to growing and harvesting nuts

As nut suppliers of Grupo Importaco, at Itac Professional we work toward ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards both in regard to their organoleptic properties and to their preservation and presentation. And we do this from the very moment we grow our peanuts and almonds, since it is the best way to control the entire process undergone by these food products.


An adequate cultivation is the first essential step to ensure that our products offer the highest guarantees when it comes to quality and sustainability. By making an efficient use of resources, we improve the profitability of our crops while obtaining the best raw materials.


We care for our products from the very start of the soil conditioning, the sowing and the flowering stage, and we apply cultivation techniques aimed at maintaining and optimising the natural resources. In this way, we abide by an optimal crop rotation to ensure the sustainability and good condition of the agricultural soils, and we guarantee a sustainable use of phytosanitary products across all phases of cultivation.


Another fundamental aspect is the care we put into harvesting it. In our almond fields we use the shaking technique, which allows almonds to be harvested without damaging the fruit or the tree, and subsequently, we remove the hull before starting the drying process.



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Specialisation in the manufacturing and packing process

The manufacturing of the different presentations of peanuts and almonds takes place in specialised processing and packing plants where diverse actions are performed. This is essential to be able to continue guaranteeing that the products we carry are quality nuts.


An example of this is our factory that specialises exclusively in almonds, which guarantees a “peanut free” handling and processing.


Hulling is the first process undergone by these food products after being harvested. Next, they undergo a product selection in order to detect any foreign object, such as small pebbles or other foreign matter that may have mixed with the almonds or peanuts.


Subsequently, the nuts are graded in order to divide the production into different sizes. This is essential so as to be able to pick the best option for each case and adapt to the needs of our clients at the moment of its implementation. Furthermore, depending on how they will be used, we also shell the almonds and peanuts.


Our nut offering for the industry also includes its preparation into different shapes and sizes. This includes chopping and dicing, transforming it into flours, pastes or sticks, and toasting. All of these industrial end products are essential ingredients in an assortment of food products.


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Lastly, our products are packaged to arrive at our clients with the highest guarantees in regard to safety, hygiene and convenience




Specialisation in commercialisation

Adaptability and personalisation during the commercialisation stage is yet another crucial factor in offering the food industry solutions that meet its expectations.


In order to guarantee that the nuts that leave our facilities are of the highest quality, we have the most stringent food safety certifications and we implement an assortment of painstaking controls throughout the entire process, from the harvesting of the product to its delivery to the client. Among these, we could mention those that take place before purchasing from the grower and those that are performed between the various processes and before the final delivery to the client.


Our specialisation allows us to offer integral advice to our clients, sharing our know-how and information that is always up-to-date. In addition, this experience allows us to develop concepts and solutions for other manufacturers, leveraging the dedicated efforts of our R&D department.



As nut suppliers with years of experience in the sector, at Itac Professional we have all the technological resources you may need and a highly experienced, highly specialised staff. This know-how allows us to offer the highest guarantees in relation to products such as almonds and peanuts when it comes to processing them and offering them to our clients in the most suitable format.


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Having total control over the traceability of our products from their cultivation all the way to the final delivery ensures that our products are safe and of the highest quality – a key aspect when appealing to the best product development departments, and in particular, the end customers who will enjoy them as part of their many recipes.



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