Understanding, analysing and implementing measures to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an increasingly common strategy among the various players in the food and food service industries who want to strengthen their position in this area.


In this sense, the sustainable origin of the products provided by the different suppliers is something that is increasingly valued and demanded by both professionals and consumers. At this point, how to guarantee that we offer chocolates with sustainable cocoa to our customers? The answer is simple: obtaining the Rainforest Alliance (formerly UTZ) certification.



What is Rainforest Alliance (formerly UTZ) certification and what does it entail?

Rainforest Alliance is a sustainability programme for cocoa that works in partnership with farmers to ensure that cocoa is of the highest quality and is grown respecting the environment and the people.


The Rainforest Alliance – UTZ seal provides businesses with the assurance of a constant and safe supply of certified products, and helps to meet the expectations of chocolate consumers by reinforcing the credibility of the brands. In this way, professionals can guarantee that the cocoa used in chocolate production is not only more sustainable, but also that it has been traded in a fair way and in a way that improves the lives of the farmers.



Rainforest Alliance certification, formerly UTZ, now part of
Rainforest Alliance

Originally, the UTZ certification programme was called «UTZ kapeh,» which means «good coffee» in the Mayan Quiché language in Guatemala. It was launched in 2002 by a coffee producer who aspired to promote and extend good sustainable agricultural practices to the production of coffee around the world.


Over the years, it became a global standard and was extended to cocoa and tea, becoming the UTZ certification. Currently, the UTZ certification programme is part of the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Certification programme awards a seal that certifies that a product has been manufactured under three key pillars: social, economic and environmental sustainability.


With the launch of the 2020 Rainforest Alliance Certification Programme and the introduction of the new Rainforest Alliance seal in the same year, the UTZ certification programme is gradually being replaced by the Rainforest Alliance’s.



Chocolates made with sustainable cocoa, a new demonstration of Importaco’s environmental commitment

Following Importaco’s Sustainable Strategy, with actions such as Importaco Terra’s strategy towards integrated agriculture, or the recent achievement of zero waste certification in our nut plant, the Importaco Chocolates division, dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of chocolate, has also been awarded the Rainforest Alliance certification, which accredits the use of sustainable cocoa in its manufacturing processes.


Other advances in this field have been: the ISO 140001 environmental management certification, the establishment of Importaco’s Quality at Source Programme —whose objective is to collaborate with our direct suppliers in the creation of a common food safety programme— and the standardisation of the characteristics of our products and their processing.


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