Actively participating in professional forums and associations is part of Importaco’s commitment to knowledge transfer in the fruit industry, which has helped us to position ourselves as a leading European food group. Would you like to know which are the main memberships and industry organisations in which we participate? Read more.



Importaco Group memberships and industry organisations

Importaco currently has a series of memberships linked to a large number of leading organisations within the food industry, both nationally and internationally. All of them represent important actors in the food chain. Some of these are briefly explained below:


  • Sedex Membership

It is one of the world’s leading fair and ethical trade membership organisations that aims to improve labour conditions in global supply chains. Importaco is part of Sedex, which allows it to follow social auditing and ethical trade processes, such as SMETA. At Importaco, we audit selected suppliers according to international standards.


The aim of being part of Sedex is to bring together concerns among companies committed to responsible trade and sourcing. Thanks to this membership, Importaco follows a proper process to evaluate its suppliers and understand the working conditions within the supply chain. 



  • Almendrave

The Spanish Almond Board-Almendrave is the Spanish Almond and Hazelnut Exporters Association. An organisation with more than 70 years of history that brings together 68% of Spanish almond and hazelnut export activity. Among its main objectives are: the launch and promotion of development plans to consolidate the consumption of almonds and hazelnuts, or to support its associates to generate value in their products, which are produced following sustainable practices and under important quality and traceability standards.   


It may interest you: Importaco took part of the 6th SAB-Almendrave almond and hazelnut gathering to talk about sustainable production


  • INC International Nut Council

The International Nut and Dried Fruit Council (INC) is the international reference point for information on the world of nuts, dried fruits, nutritional benefits, food safety and regulatory and standard aspects of these important raw materials. An association with 40 years of history and more than 850 members from up to 80 countries. 


As the most recent example, Importaco participated in the First International Online Conference of the INC, in which the president of the company, Toño Pons, presented ‘The Future Nut’, a strategy whose purpose is to satisfy the needs of consumers through specialisation, knowledge and sustainability.  


  • United Nations Global Compact

Another important initiative for the Importaco Group. The United Nations Global Compact is a UN initiative that leads the commitment to corporate sustainability at the global level. At its core is a strong call for companies and organisations to align their strategies and operations with ten universal principles on human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption. A way of demonstrating Importaco’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • Ainia

An important private technology centre in Spain with more than 700 associated companies whose activity is carried out at an international level and includes actions focused on developing innovation projects with all types of companies and sectors. It also provides specialised training, support for consumer research or high-value industrial services. Importaco is a member of its Governing Board. 


More information: Discover the main certifications in the food industry



It is the leading association of manufacturers and distributors in Spain. It has more than 30,000 member companies and brings together all actors in the value chain in a large number of sectors. Its activities include projects aimed at supporting companies in facing new challenges, gaining in efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability. 


  • Spanish Snack Association and European Snack Association 

Finally, Importaco also sits on the board of the Spanish Snack Association and is a member of the European Snack Association. Both represent and defend the interests of the snack sector, and their members include various manufacturers of crisps, snacks, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.



  • Trustees of EDEM 

EDEM is a school for business people, entrepreneurs and managers of reference in Valencia. 


Specifically, Importaco actively collaborates with the EDEM Foundation together with large companies that make up its Board of Trustees, the governing, representative and administrative body of the EDEM Foundation.


Paco Pons, former president of Importaco, was the first president of the EDEM Board of Trustees and with his entrepreneurial vision he helped the school to grow and consolidate. In addition, many Importaco managers and employees are trained at this school or participate as teachers in various programmes. 



  • ITENE collaborators – Technological Institute for Packaging, Transport and Logistics

ITENE is a national Technology Centre, which promotes, in general and for any type of company, scientific research, technological innovation, the development of the information society and sustainability in the fields of packaging, logistics, transport and mobility. 


Importaco is present in its organisational structure.


  • LAB Mediterráneo Foundation

Importaco is a trustee of this Foundation that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and research in the Valencian Community. 


Specifically, we collaborate in the actions and debates promoted by this Foundation to encourage the attraction and creation of technological and cutting-edge companies, with the aim of generating wealth, employment and opportunities in the region. 



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