Nut powder is seeing an unprecedented level of acceptance among consumers. This trend comes hand in hand with the boom of plant-based proteins – especially as a result of the pandemic. 


Growth expectations for this market in the last few years have been spectacular, and in fact, several experts and studies attribute its growth to two key food consumption trends: a greater concern over sustainably-sourced products and over the nutritional properties or benefits of the ingredients. 



Why is nut powder trending in the food industry?

1. A source of plant-based proteins. 

The rise in the consumption of this nut derivative – whether pistachio, cashew or almond – is explained by the convergence of two major trends. On one hand, the increase in the consumption of protein-rich foods, and on the other, a preference for alternatives that are more respectful of the environment than animal proteins.


2. A particularly attractive product for consumers who are interested in keto or paleo diets

This ingredient can help design protein-rich gluten-free low-fat snacks with a lower calorie content than conventional nut flours


3. An ingredient that favours transparency by the manufacturer in regard to the source of the product

Consumers see nut powders as an ingredient with a known, natural source that is fully in line with the new holistic vision of nutrition.


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A versatile product with an attractive texture


These qualities enable nut powders to be combined with different food formulations and recipes. This differentiating factor makes them irresistible in attracting consumers willing to enjoy new food consumption experiences.


Their nutrient density and neutral flavour makes them an attractive substitute to conventional flour in segments such as snacks, baked goods or desserts, where they also act as clean-label binders.


Moreover, their flavour is more pleasant when compared to other plant-based proteins and it is the protein option with the highest solubility. 


To sum up, when asking why nut powders are so unquestionably successful, the answer is their ability to overcome two key challenges of the food industry: making formulations with new ingredients that can offer a pleasant flavour and texture, combined with an attractive nutritional profile and a greater respect for the environment.



Some applications of nut powder protein

Both nut flours and nut powders are used in gluten-free products, with the additional advantage of being low on carbohydrates when compared to traditional flours while being suitable for use in the manufacture of bakery and pastry products: all kinds of breads, biscuits, sweets and cakes.


The most interesting thing for manufacturers here is that each nut powder can add very interesting hints when it comes to flavour, texture or colour. For example, nut powder offers a more neutral profile, which is particularly attractive in pastry products with a more delicate flavour or in salty products. Conversely, using a variant of this derivative with a stronger flavour, such as cashews, pistachios or walnuts, can enhance a product’s flavour or its sensorial allure.


Below we invite you to learn more about the different nut powders.

almond powder


1. Almond powder

The various processed forms of almond powder, such as protein powder, flour powder and defatted flour, are increasingly common in the manufacture of products such as snacks, smoothies and nutrition bars. For example, defatted almond flour offers an ultra-fine texture and a very clean flavour, which makes it a great solution as a binder in bars.


2. Cashew powder

Cashew powder is starting to gain a foothold in the food industry, seeing use in the formulation of creams, sauces, battered foods, shakes, breads and all kinds of baked goods.


Its key value is that it offers different and delicious flavours and textures, allowing for original, more nutritious recipes.


 3. Pistachio powder

The use of pistachio powder is becoming increasingly widespread in the manufacture of vegetable and lactose-free shakes and smoothies.


 4. Almond, pistachio and cashew powdered milk 

This is a dairy alternative with a unique flavour and a plant-based protein content, in addition to other nutrients provided by nuts. What is of particular interest here is that this solution facilitates the consumption of milk among consumers, since because it is a soluble product, it is more practical, making it possible to enjoy a glass of milk anytime, anywhere.



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5. Defatted peanut powder

Regularly including defatted peanut powder in one’s diet provides nutrients that are hard to obtain, such as vegetable proteins and Leucine – two elements that boost muscle growth and strength.


This product is ideal for athletes, since it is a low-fat option with a higher protein density. And while its calorie content is lower when compared to peanut kernels, its intense roasted peanut flavour remains unabated. 


It is also a very attractive option when formulating products aimed at senior consumers, since it boosts muscle growth, size and strength. A rich source of plant-based proteins that helps in the fight against loss of muscle mass and fosters longevity.


Peanut powder can be had in a number of ways: shakes, mixed with muffins, in cakes, in yoghurt smoothies, milk; as fish, chicken or tofu topping or salad dressing, among many other possibilities.


In summary, it is a highly innovative processed product that arises from new consumption needs and trends.




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