Dried papaya

The papaya fruit is native to southern Mexico. From there, it spread to other areas of Central America, Florida, Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, India and Malaysia. The papaya is energy dense and high in carbohydrates. It facilitates the digestive process and is recommended for combating constipation and eliminating intestinal parasites.


  • The papaya is an energy-dense food and is high in both simple and complex carbohydrates.
  • As a result of its papain content, it facilitates the digestive process.
  • Its retinol content improves melanin function, facilitating the elimination of blemishes.
  • It boosts the immune system with its supply of vitamin C.


- Food:

  • The papaya is used in a variety of ways. In its natural state, when ripe, it is used to manufacture marmalades, jams, honey, ice creams and juices.
  • It is also used in salads and, in many countries, unripe papaya is cooked and eaten.
  • It is widely consumed raw or dried as a dessert, snack or breakfast mixed with cereal or other fruits.
  • It is also used to make muesli, biscuits, fruit fillings, sauces or flavourings for yoghurts, among other things.

- Other uses:

  • It contains papain, which is extracted from the fruit’s latex. It is used both in the food and pharmacy industries to create digestive remedies and substances used for tenderising meat and for clarifying beers.
  • In the textile industry, papain is used to soften fabric fibres and in tanning hides.
  • The characteristics of the tree’s stem make it the ideal material for manufacturing cords and ropes.