Peanut and coffee marshmallows

15 min.

  • Peanut

This unique confection is a delicacy that can be taken alone or used to flavor, sweeten to enhance the coffee and make the drinking experience much more pleasant.


  • Peanut paste 75g
  • Sugar 215g
  • Egg white 106g
  • Glucose 106g
  • Water 53g
  • Animal gelatin 15g
  • Soluble coffee 5g


  1. We dissolve the sugar and glucose in water and raise the temperature to 140ºC.
  2. Then we add the hydrated gelatin.
  3. We whipped the egg whites until stiff and we add the caramel as a fine thread on them.
  4. Next, we add the soluble coffee and the almond paste and homogenize everything.
  5. We finish by putting the mixture on cornstarch to die-cut with desired shape.