Antiox smoothie with citrus, almond and a touch of ginger

15 min.

  • Almond

Thanks to its recognized healthy properties the combination of fruits or vegetables with almonds is perfect to attract the healthy consumer and the vegan public. Two niche markets that are constantly growing.


  • Almond paste 200g
  • Carrot juice 1100g
  • Mango puree 300g
  • Tangerine juice 50g
  • Lime juice 10g
  • Soy lecithin 10g
  • Ginger powder 1g
  • Xanthan 0,1g


  1. As simple as homogenizing all the indredients and the product is ready to be packed fresh or to be pasteurized if you want to extend its shelf life.
  2. It is important to allow enough time for the xanthan and lecithin to properly hydrate begore emulsifying.